Human Resources

Investment in talent makes us more competitive

The success of a company is based on its staff

JMJ Consulting is the people working on it. Without all that people, nothing would exists. That is why we aim so many efforts in the recruiting process. This staff, with their ideas and experiences, makes of us one of the most competitive companies in the engineering area.


If you want to join our team, send us an e-mail filling in the form below. We are looking forward to know which could be your contribution to our company. Come and develop your professional goals with us.


Companies need to have a service provider to help them make the most of themselves. A supplier they can trust and outsource the working areas.


Working with very competitive rates, the cost of the work carried out is usually equivalent to or even lower than those carried out internally, if all involved internal costs are computed.


Our solutions have helped many companies to expand the capacity of their businesses and therefore, increase its value. Would you like to join them?


If you allow us, we are happy to manage any of your new engineering projects as a whole. From the very beginning to the last detail.

Would you like to join JMJ Consulting?

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